Wolfgang Bogner

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Wolfgang Bogner (born 1942 at Wels/Upper Austria), active photographer from his youth, received his first award at the age of 22. Having been an extreme mountain climber he got fascinated by the simple but uncompromising laws and rules of nature. 1988 he began to convert these amazing impressions into black and white photography developing geometric subjects on gelatin silver prints and canvas. 2000 Bogner started experiments by projecting those geometric shapes on the human body resulting in particular compositions. His recent invention in the classic technique of dark room are Vivograms being a complicated combination of photography and photograms.

Bogner addresses geometric forms, such as straight line, square and circle as the essential but often concealed indicators of every structure. He personalizes his highly contrasted photographs by a sparing intervention only with the primary colors red, yellow, blue in order to emphasize the simplicity of the geometry.

During the last years Bogner has been attending also to digital photography and achieved international successes.

For more than 20 years Bogner also has been writing prose and poems mostly full of ironic comments on contemporary issues. There is an intensive connection to his photographic work.

In July 1998 the Centro Culturale "Le Venezie", Treviso/Italy, adopted him as first Austrian artist, in December 1998 the City of Rome admitted him as first foreign artist to the municipal archives of photography. In December 2000 he founded the Foto-Galerie Lind (First Carinthian International Gallery for Fine Art Photography) at Villach/Carinthia. 2008 the Ministry of Culture of Cuba invited him as visiting professor to instruct photography in four provinces. An enormous sensation in the international media 2009 caused his photographic documentation about North Korea. Actually he lives and works at Villach/Austria.

Publications with own texts: Seeing things were not seeing anymore,1998; Book Staircase, 1999; Book The superficial society, 2000; Lampoon The gloss varnishes, 2001; Calendar The new loveliness, 2002; Calendar Masculines, 2003; Calendar Romantic Villach, 2011."Klagenfurt in wide angle", 2012; Calendar "Villach in wide angle", 2012; Calendar "Feldkirchen colourful", 2013; Calendar "Multicoloured home Villach", 2013; Calendar "Light Year" 2014.

Public Collections: Federal Chancellary/Department for the Arts, Vienna; Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt/Carinthia; Cities of Klagenfurt, Traun, Villach, Wels, Aschach/D; Cities of Rome, Urbania, Borgo Pace, Gradisca dIsonzo; Il Fotogramma/Rome, Le Venezie/Treviso.

Address: 9500 Villach/Austria, Rennsteinerstr. 7 Tel. +43-664-2104734
Homepage: www.wolfgang-bogner.at Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.