Wolfgang Bogner

Bilder und Worte - Immagini e Parole - Imágenes y Palabras - Imagery and Words

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Florence - Ballerina

Duke Cosimo is back in town,
he punched Piedmonts army in the nose
which was allied to Lucca;
there will be a great party tonight.
I will dance
so that skirts fly
and mens eyes pop out in disbelief!
Really, Im the most beautiful
from Santa Croce,
with my splendid figure
and long red hair.
I am a model for Boticellis
emerging from the sea!!
Its true, Sandro has a vivid fantasy:
as a nude beauty
Im gliding in a shell
on whitecaps
to the green shore,
isnt it?!


Wolfgang Bogner, Austria
Book Spiral staircase (Wendeltreppe), p. 54