Wolfgang Bogner

Bilder und Worte - Immagini e Parole - Imágenes y Palabras - Imagery and Words

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Gateway to the sun

If you disappear, Sun,
the earth will freeze
within minutes
dropping to minus 273 Celsius...
The Egyptians held you sacred,
they worshipped Re,
the Sumerians Utu,
the Greeks Helios,
the Hindus Surya,
the Incas Inti,
from whose tears fertility flowed.
Sun, you give strength,
and energy,
our planet thrives on you.
Sun, be above me,
Sun, be below me,
Sun, be behind me,
Sun, be ahead of me,
Sun, be inside me,
embrace me, Sun.


Wolfgang Bogner, Austria
Book Spiral staircase (Wendeltreppe), p. 34