Wolfgang Bogner

Bilder und Worte - Immagini e Parole - Imágenes y Palabras - Imagery and Words

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Spiral Staircase

Grey as focus, out of focus,
I like myself like that.
These crooked angles spiraling upwards
are grinning with envy,
those bastards,
they are angry because everyone runs by
and only wants to come to me.
To me, in the center
blurred and fuzzy
between black earth and white light.
But the closer they come
The more clearly they recognize
my contours, my details,
tramping and trampling faster
to reach me:
I am their end, their being,
they are searching for their dreams,
searching for their goal,


Wolfgang Bogner, Austria
Book Spiral staircase (Wendeltreppe), p. 36